LA Rams Sebastian Joseph-Day donates to feed front line medical staff

LA Rams DL Sebastian Joseph Day donates $10,000 to feed front line medical staff during the pandemic crisis

The LA Rams defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph Day has twice donated to feed front-line medical staff. Today, a press release reported Joseph-Day as donating $10,000 to Rossoblu’s Restaurant Relief to fund 250 prepared meals for Cedars-Sinai front line medical personnel and their families.

Joseph-Day was prompted for his generous act as news of the stress of medical staff caring for others, and then unable to care for themselves as they return home exhausted. So he tried to think of a way “to contribute to our medical heroes“, ultimately working with his agent and staff of the Los Angeles Rams to coordinate his kind act.

This donation was heartfelt and is a credit to Joseph-Day’s character. He is one of the many NFL players who has recognized the plight of others and is taking steps to support them in ways that can truly matter – by caring for the caregivers.

“There’s so many healthcare workers and medical specialists that are putting their lives on the line to help contain this pandemic,” said Joseph-Day. “I wanted to try and provide at least some relief to those that are risking their lives to help fight the coronavirus.”

Sebastian Joseph-Day is a 6-foot-4 310-pound defensive lineman for the LA Rams, who arrived as the 195th selection of the 2018 NFL Draft. While he only saw action in 2019, he proved to be a young man rising rapidly for the team. He played 44 percent of the defensive snaps last season, and started in 15 games. in his first NFL season of play, he recorded 44 tackles and two sacks.

Joseph Day is not one of the highly paid players from the NFL. Perhaps that is what makes this effort so meaningful.

Meal Kits were prepared by Rossoblu Chef Steve Samson and delivered to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Thursday afternoon.

“Thanks to Sebastian Joseph Day’s remarkable generosity, we were able to provide a comforting meal to the front-line workers at Cedars-Sinai, who are working so hard to protect and care for our city,” said Samson.

This follows a similar report yesterday where ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry reported Sebastian Joseph-Day donated $10,000 to the Edwards Charles Foundation in Beverly Hills to feed medical personnel and their families.

Successful teams are built with passionate players. Joseph-Day’s concern for his community is a positive development at a time where tragedy seems to spring up everywhere. He is showing not only the ability to show up on the football field but for his community.
LA Rams DL Sebastian Joseph Day donates $10,000 to feed front line medical staff during the pandemic crisis