LA Rams 2020 NFL Draft fill all needs – Mock Draft 7.0

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2020 NFL Draft LA Rams
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The LA Rams love to trade back for more picks. In Mock Draft 7.0, we see how many picks the LA Rams can land in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The LA Rams were bringing the band back together on the offensive side of the ball. At least that seemed to be the intent when the Rams made qualifying tender offers to center Coleman Shelton and tight end Johnny Mundt. It was later reinforced when the Rams re-signed center Austin Blythe and left tackle Andrew Whitworth. And then, the wheels fell off the cart.

The Rams released running back Todd Gurley and traded away wide receiver Brandin Cooks. While neither player made headlines in 2019, both have been significant contributors in the past for the Rams.

The exit of both a running back and wide receiver simply adds more to the shopping list. But in this case, the strategy has a two-fold benefit. The saying “addition by subtraction” applies in this situation, as the 2020 NFL Draft is loaded with talent at running back and wide receiver up and down this draft.  So rather than be forced to trade out of a difficult spot if no player is on the board when the Rams pick, the team now haw a much larger lens to find the best player available when the team chooses.

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And in the trade of Cooks, the Rams obtained the 57th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft.  So they have a larger pool of talent, and another opportunity to find talent.  All that is left is to determine which positions the Rams feel are their needs. We can decipher that from the pre-draft meetings. So far the Rams have met with linebackers, edge rushers, defensive linemen, cornerbacks, wide receivers, running backs, centers, tight ends, and offensive tackles. That’s nine positions with just seven picks. The Rams need more picks, so how can they land more?