Los Angeles Rams 2020 NFL Draft No Trade – Mock Draft 1.2

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No bells, no whistles, no trades, just the LA Rams 2020 NFL Draft – Mock Draft 1.2. The best fit at each Rams’ selection, and a solid 2020 team

The 2020 NFL draft is just a couple of days away. As such, the time we’ve all been waiting for will soon come to pass.  With the LA Rams being depleted of draft capital, they’ll need to make the most of their seven picks. Since there are no trades in this mock, that means the team will need to be very successful with those seven picks.

Still, with LA Rams’ general manager Les Snead running the draft, you know he will be wheeling and dealing trying to make the most of what he has. Still, this will be a trade free mock draft as Snead is too unpredictable to guess what madness he is cooking in his lab.

The 2020 draft might be a heavy wide receiver draft, but the Rams go against the grain to focus on other needs. Woods, Kupp, and Reynolds are a top 10 receiving core so the Rams should avoid wasting capital. They have bigger needs reloading the offense and adding new talent to solidify the defense. Some picks will be wishful thinking but anything can happen. Here are my picks for the Rams in the 2020 draft.

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That is not to say that the Rams would not choose a wider receiver if a good one fell to them. But in this draft, I anticipate the Rams focusing on a two-tight-end, fullback focused offense which will change the offense philosophy from three and four wide receiver offensive sets to heavier, run-focused formations to shred the new lighter faster defenses.