5 reasons why LA Rams rookie RB Akers is ideal featured back

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LA Rams 2020 NFL Draft Cam Akers

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

The LA Rams chose the fourth running back from the 2020 NFL Draft. Here are five reasons why Florida State Cam Akers is the ideal featured rusher

The LA Rams selection of running back Cam Akers as the team entered the 2020 NFL Draft makes sense after just a moment contemplating what the team sought most to help their offense. The LA Rams rely far more heavily upon the running back position than many NFL teams. In Cam Akers, the Rams have a well-rounded threat to do many many things well. Well, let’s elaborate upon that a bit.

The Rams rely far more heavily upon a single running back on their offense than many other NFL teams.  The wave of running-back-by-committee will likely never happen as long as Sean McVay is the head coach of the team.

But many fumed when the Rams sought to refill the shoes vacated by running back Todd Gurley so quickly in the draft.  In fact, some had thought that the Rams’ tandem of Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson would not only be enough to handle the season’s workload but would be enough to handle all of the practices and training camps leading up to the season.  The LA Rams clearly thought otherwise.

In the end, the Rams’ entire offense revolves around their ability to run the ball. And diving down further, the ability to run the ball hinges mightily upon having the right running back to carry that ball. While there were many talented running backs in the 2020 NFL Draft, perhaps no single running back fit the LA Rams offense as much as Florida State running back Cam Akers. Here are five reasons why he was the right pick at the right spot for the Rams draft.

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