LA Rams 2019 mid-season additions act like 2020 NFL Draft picks

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LA Rams
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The LA Rams added 3 players in the midst of the 2019 NFL season. Here’s why they should be considered to be 2020 NFL Draft picks

The LA Rams ended the 2019 NFL season with just five draft picks. The team faced multiple scenarios through the course of the year which required roster adjustments, whether to shed players, add players, or exchange players. In the end, each transaction affected the roster at a point midway through the year.

Unlike player injuries or coming back from injury, or even being called up or demoted to the practice squad, these three circumstances placed a jersey on football players who had no foreknowledge of the LA Rams’ playbook, coaching staff, players, or even community. And one of the greatest assets for the LA Rams is offensive line coach Aaron Kromer. Two offensive linemen, one of whom a starter at multiple positions in 2019, never had the chance to benefit from his training camp.

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The shortage of 2020 NFL Draft picks stems from the Rams desperate attempt to go all-in on the chance to make the 2019 NFL Playoffs. While that effort fell short, the team finished at a very respectable 9-7 record.  That is despite all the horror stories of multiple injuries that haunted the offensive line all season, a defensive backfield which was blown up and restocked in mid-season, and three of the most highly paid players on offense all having sub-standard seasons.