LA Rams 2020 NFL Draft rookie floor and ceiling: Brycen Hopkins

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The LA Rams added 9 new rookies at the 2020 NFL Draft. What is the floor/ceiling of their new rookie tight end, LB Bryce Hopkins?

With the 136th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the LA Rams selected Brycen Hopkins, a tight end, out of Purdue. Brycen Hopkins is a 6-foot-4 245-pound receiving tight end who specializes in jump balls and yards after the catch. He is a talented player who only strengthens a strong tight end room.

He joins three veteran NFL tight ends in Tyler Higbee, Gerald Everett, and Johnny Mundt. While he may have difficulty carving out a niche for himself on the Rams 2020 55-man roster, he will no doubt be in the Rams’ plans for 2021, when both Mundt and Everett will have expired contracts.

By looking at his play we can see what players who played in the NFL resemble him his style of play the most. Next, we can use that information to project to see what he can become. First, let’s look at his basic attributes. Then looking at we know we can use it to project a comp for both their floor and ceiling.

Basic Attributes

-A few drops on hard catches but otherwise reliable hands

-Fast, great at getting yards after the catch

-Not a phenomenal blocker but seems reliable in doing so

-The favorite route seems to be an out route

-Makes some contested catches, can highpoint passes

Ceiling-Jared Cook

Tall tight end, great with running after the catch, and can jump for high passes. Jared Cook is a wonderful example of who Hopkins can become. Big receiving options who can run in an open field. While Cook might have had his blunders with the Rams he certainly balled out for the Saints and Packers. If anybody can help a tight end reach their ceiling McVay is one such person who can do so. He may respond well to patient coaching, as he flashes brilliance with circus catches at times. Consistency, which may simply require better concentration, is the key to his enjoying a long and productive NFL career.

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Floor-Blake Jarwin

Blake Jarwin might have been an undrafted free agent, but he worked his way into a starting role for the Cowboys this upcoming season. The same will have to apply to Hopkins. With a full tight end room, he will have to earn his reps. While Jarwin’s numbers have hovered around 300 the past two seasons he saw the field, his yards should go up as he is now the starter this upcoming year. The same should happen to Hopkins. He should have modest production until he gets a starting role and his numbers should take a massive jump. Either way, I consider this floor to be moderately high. He is just a player who will take time to reach his potential.

Final Projection

Hopkins seems to have a moderately high floor and a good ceiling but I’m not sure if he will ever reach his max potential. However, it won’t be through the fault of his own. He joins a team with a full tight end room and he’ll have to fight for every snap. One thing to note about him being drafted is it’s during Gerald Everett‘s contract year. Could he be his replacement?

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The LA Rams seem to add players a year before they are needed to step into a starting role. Right now, the Rams have two tight ends whose contracts expire. He would be a solid number two behind Tyler Higbee in the depth chart. Time will tell but it seems the Rams have big plans for him down the road.