Los Angeles Rams 2020 NFL Draft Grades

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The LA Rams emerged from the 2020 NFL Draft with 9 rookies. Will they contribute in 2020? Here are my post-draft grades

The LA Rams barely missed the NFL playoffs in 2019, for the first time in the Sean McVay era, with a 9-7 record. (Wildcard 2017, Super Bowl 2018).  In the offseason immediately following, the team lost multiple starters (two on offense, five on defense, and one in special teams).

With many contributors gone, some of whom were high impact contributors for their units, the Rams had barely any activity in the free agency market.  Instead, the Rams front office relied on the ever suspenseful draft to reassemble the roster, in order to remain competitive, both in the division and in the conference.

Highly coveted players, more often than not, are selected in the first round of the draft, the round the Rams had no picks in 2020. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good or NFL ready players in days two or three, and there are many reasons for talented players to fall in the draft. (injuries, off-field issues, poor combine or pro-day, small school, etc.).

With everything said, the Rams entered the 2020 NFL Draft with, initially, 7 total picks distributed in 6 rounds:

  • Two-second rounds
  • Two-third rounds
  • One fourth-round
  • One sixth-round
  • One seventh-round

Let’s see how they used them, plus analyze the fit and impact of the player in the roster.