LA Rams News: 22 UDFA complete analysis post-2020 NFL Draft

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LA Rams News: Team announced 22 players signed as undrafted free agents after the 2020 NFL Draft. Let’s look in-depth at each player.

In a normal year, an NFL team adds about a dozen or so undrafted free agents to round out the ranks for positional coaches, giving each a solid number of players to work with during spring and summer training camp. But this is no normal year, that was no normal draft, and the LA Rams are not an average NFL team. The Rams added nine players during the 2020 NFL Draft and followed that up by signing 22 more players as undrafted free agents (UDFAs).

2020 has been derailed in terms of normalcy. In fact, the threat of the coronavirus epidemic is something like a script from a science-fiction movie. Stay-at-home, social distancing, and business migrating to a virtual platform have been the new-norm of 2020.  The NFL has followed suit, eliminating the pre-draft meeting designed to clarify prospects’ medical concerns and get a better feel for “fit” with the team.  The 2020 NFL Draft was very deep with talent-particularly among the positions of defensive back, running back, and wide receiver.

But most of all, the LA Rams are not an average NFL team.  Using almost a Sam-Hinkie inspired approach, the LA Rams cast their nets far and wide among the ranks of undrafted NFL players, with surprisingly effective results. The team handed out 22 UDFA contracts in 2019, which yielded six players to the team’s 53-man roster.

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This season, the team handed out a similar number of undrafted free agent contracts.  The original list of free agents has been modified slightly and reinforced at linebacker. The original Rams list categorized Greg Reaves as a South Florida linebacker. But the latest report of personnel transactions now lists him as a defensive end. And as reported separately, the team has added two additional linebackers: Tennessee linebacker Daniel Bituli, and Texas State linebacker Bryan London.