LA Rams News: 22 UDFA complete analysis post-2020 NFL Draft

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LA Rams 2020 NFL Draft UDFA
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Rams UDFAs have a real chance to make the roster

The LA Rams are a bit unique in terms of affording opportunities to undrafted free agent signings.  While other teams sign talented players, only to release them at the end of training camp, the Rams remain one of the few NFL teams to integrate these overlooked and undervalued football players into the roster each season. While some believe that is a lack of competitive talent on the existing roster, the alternative answer is likely more true.

Of all aspects of adding talent to an NFL team, signing undrafted free agents after an NFL draft is the least regulated and purest true test of a team’s scouting department. After all, free agency is limited to available free salary cap space. And the NFL Draft is limited to the number and round of the draft picks.

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Unlike other teams looking for warm bodies to balance out the roster for training camp drills, the LA Rams surgically graft each undrafted rookie into a specific niche role on the team. That may be a special teams’ role, a defender in passing down situations, or a blocker in jumbo running play package, the Rams attempt to align each player in the 90 man roster into a role to determine what is the best makeup for the team’s 55-man playing roster, plus practice squad.

That reputation has gotten around. Similar offers from other NFL teams simply cannot compete with that of the Rams, purely from the perspective that undrafted rookies can successfully compete for a roster spot.  And so, the Rams now have confirmed their 22 player UDFA signing list.  That means that we can discuss each player briefly: