LA Rams must pitch backup role to Cam Newton in next 72 hours

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LA Rams must pitch backup role to Cam Newton in next 72 hours

The LA Rams quarterback room is not exactly overflowing with NFL experience.  Right now, the entire NFL experience is in the hands of starting quarterback Jared Goff.  Whether positive or negative, he has just 54 NFL games under his belt over the past four seasons.  Backup quarterback John Wolford has only seen action in 2019 preseason games. And rookies Josh Love and Bryce Perkins were signed to the roster after the NFL Draft. That’s not a lot of NFL experience in the room.

We had lobbied for the Rams to address the quarterback situation, even calling for the team to sign one of five available veteran free-agent quarterbacks quickly.  With the signing of quarterback Joe Flacco to a one-year deal with the NY Jets, the original list of five free-agents is now down to just three.

Choose now, but choose wisely

That means that the LA Rams have a choice to make and a rather instant choice. While the team has proclaimed that everyone is confident in the ability of backup quarterback John Wolford to lead the team if Goff is injured, is there no other available quarterback who could elevate the overall talent level of the team?

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Of the remaining three quarterbacks we discussed, the Rams certainly have valid reasons not to offer a roster position.  Drew Stanton is 36-years old and comes with question marks as he did not play in 2019. Matt Moore is a 35-year-old and is coming off a $10 million contract in 2019. Finally, Blake Bortles is familiar enough with the LA Rams offense, but does he truly give the Rams a chance to win if he enters the game?  While there is an argument against any of our three remaining veteran quarterbacks, there is another who is looking for work right now.