5 teams looking to trade for LA Rams’ offensive linemen

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LA Rams Joseph Noteboom
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Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are another NFL team interested in filling depth on the offensive line. The team has added playmakers in a  push for a playoff run this year but needs additional support at the offensive line to make sense at a deep push. While the Bills have depth at most positions at the left guard position, the LA Rams can help bolster at that position.

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The LA Rams attempted to convert left tackle Joseph Noteboom to a starting left guard. While that fell short, the team would be able to trade Noteboom to the Buffalo Bills as a depth player. Noteboom would get to play and learn behind a solid veteran, and the Rams would be able to lighten the roster in time to make room for newly draft rookies.

Beef up Bills backups

Noteboom’s career with the LA Rams, while perfectly understandable for a left tackle rookie attempting to fill the unfamiliar role of the left guard in the wake of a pro-bowl veteran Roger Saffold, has been harmed with a poor debut. That could be revitalized with a fresh start, particularly under the tutelage of left guard Quinton Spain

Of course, if the Bills want depth at the center position, then it’s simply a matter of exchange Noteboom with Allen in the trade scenario. The Bills land a solid NFL backup offensive lineman, and the LA Rams have an opportunity to move on while giving a young player a good chance to start over in the NFL.