Joe Barry judges LA Rams LB “open competition”

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LA Rams Joe Barry
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LA Rams LB Coach Barry must decide winners of “open competition”

The LA Rams interior linebacker depth chart is anything but decided. Right now. the Rams have few if any players with much NFL game experience. But the Rams do have depth and plenty of it. All of this adds up to a very heated and close competition among the players who are eager to earn their share of the defensive snaps for the team.

The Rams roster shows that veterans Micah Kiser, Kenny Young, Troy Reeder, and Travin Howard will be joined by rookie additions Clay Johnston, Daniel Bituli, Bryan London II, and Christian Rozeboom. Of the group, only two players began the 2019 season on the 53-man roster: Travin Howard and Troy Reeder.  While Micah Kiser was projected to get a starting role, a preseason injury forced him onto the injured reserve status for the entire season.  Kenny Young was added mid-season in the deal that sent cornerback Marcus Peters to the Baltimore Ravens.

Rams sit-a-season sophomore class has the edge

Talent and enthusiasm should not be discounted in the new-age NFL. Even without top-notch coaching, many players can find online tutorials by some of the best football specialists to help young football players improve their craft. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” has never been truer. And while football players emerging from college to play at the NFL level are very prepared, few actually start right out-of-the-box with the exception of special teams play.

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Still, the Rams have a method to their madness. Historically, the team has tracked smart players who need time in the weight room.  Allow them to bulk up for a season while they learn the NFL ropes by contributing on special teams. Then make a serious push for playing time in their second season.  It’s not a perfect system, but it may be the most effective one this off-season.