Will LA Rams Everett or Higbee be an NFL top-5 TE?

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Can LA Rams tight ends compete with NFL’s best?

NFL offenses with top tight ends seldom have the quality of wide receivers found on the LA Rams starting roster. Right now tight ends are measured in the same context as wide receivers, which is hardly an accurate metric for their contribution. Pass-catching tight ends are a relatively new form of the NFL model. The early versions of H-back to tight end repositioned one running back from behind the quarterback onto the offensive line to help block end rushers. Eligible to catch a pass, able to block, they were the first hybrid player.

Most of the players on this list are members of teams who struggled to get wide receivers active in their passing game.

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Rams new priority

But that proximity to the line of scrimmage allowed offenses to plan passing plays. Tight ends became weapons as a huge target running towards the end zone. Who better to find new ways to gain yards via passing plays than the LA Rams?

With two receivers already in the thousand-yard club, how far are the Rams from getting a tight end among that elite group? Not as far as you might think.  Tyler Higbee only needed the month of December 2019 to rise from 212 yards and one touchdown receiving to 734 yards and three touchdowns.  That was good enough for seventh place for tight ends in 2019.