3 keys for LA Rams QB Jared Goff’s dominating the NFL in 2020

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LA Rams Jared Goff
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Key 3: Gain early confidence

One of the most critical elements for any quarterback is confidence. The belief that no matter what the defense throws at you, you will have enough time and talent around you to make the play.  But confidence in anyone is difficult to acquire.  Each game has a five-seven minute window where the brain overcompensates, overthinks, and tries to anticipate the outcome of the game and each play before it happens.

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Those first moments in a game are critical for a quarterback, particularly one who is on the upside of his NFL career. While Jared Goff is a very accomplished NFL quarterback, he has not enjoyed a robust coaching staff supporting his role.  In fact, he has had a turnstile of coaches, including Zac Taylor, Zac Robinson, and now Kevin O’Connell/Shane Waldron. Robinson is now the LA Rams wide receiver coach, and you can see an example of his analysis of the Rams passing game here.

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Reformulate play sequence

Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell knows how to make a quarterback comfortable in the pocket. In fact, it was his performance against the Philadelphia Eagles late in the season with rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins which placed him as a priority hire for the LA Rams, the Philadelphia Eagles, and other NFL teams this offseason. O’Connell flexes the offense to maximize the talent on the field and gives the quarterback the best chance for success.

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It worked to calm-down shell-shocked rookie quarterback Haskins. Imagine the success of veteran quarterback Goff in the same strategy?   The LA Rams offensive line may still be getting their bearings, but quick slants, screens, blast runs, and a host of other offensive plays designed for high success and pressuring the defense’s weak links will be just what the doctor ordered.  Goff needs to feel like himself in the pocket.  Once the Rams establish that on offense, it’s off to the second key.