LA Rams rookie LB Clay Johnston top-shelf player for Coach Barry

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LA Rams Clay Johnston
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Expert coach lands top-shelf rookie

Coach Barry is a miracle worker among linebackers. Whether true or not, that is his reputation in NFL circles. And there are good reasons for that reputation. Outside linebacker Clay Matthews has rejuvenated his career in his one season with the LA Rams. Undrafted linebacker Cory Littleton emerged as one of the NFL’s best, and he is followed by undrafted linebacker Troy Reeder. Whoever Barry touches, seems to have the potential for NFL greatness.

But the question formed over having the best pupil for the best LB coach. What if Coach Barry was able to coach up someone who shared the same passion, the same energy, the same respect for the game? What would that look like?  I think we will soon find out.

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A guy I would love to coach

Coaches love to share their knowledge and experience to benefit others. It’s a drive of passion, a gift of self to propel the careers of others. So when a player takes that information, experience, and mentoring, their own joy of success is rivaled by that of the coach who helped get them there.

For Joe Barry, that young man who is an ideal player to coach is Clay Johnston. Johnston is the son of a Kent Johnston, a 24-year NFL veteran HOF strength and conditioning coach. A young man who knows the NFL ropes lands on a team needing his position, and to a coach who has one of the best reputations in the NFL.

Good things are bound to happen. It’s in his genes.