5 events causing LA Rams finish last in NFC West

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5 events could force the LA Rams to finish last in the NFC West

The LA Rams have not been receiving much respect this season. If you haven’t experienced it yet, then this will come as quite a shock to you. Major national sports “authorities” have been making bold predictions about the 2020 NFL season. You’d better sit down for this one.  In these predictions, the predicted finish for the NFC West is not very complimentary for the LA Rams. The projected order of teams in the NFC West is the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, and finally the LA Rams.

But it’s not just the order of the finish that is the insult, but the record of the teams at season’s end that is the true culprit.  While the 49ers are projected as another NFC West winner at 12-4, the Seahawks are the only other winning team in the division at 9-7. The Cardinals improve to 7-9, while the LA Rams fall into the abyss at 6-10. The team that somehow compensated for the 26th ranked running game, the 31st ranked offensive line, mediocrity in their rush defense, and falling to the lowest third of the NFL on special teams to finish 9-7 will somehow descend even further to 6-10?

Let’s pretend they’re right

Okay. I’ll bite. What would it take for the LA Rams to fall to 6-10? Well, it seems the folks at USA Today have been busy accumulating factoids to compile into a large disparaging article about the 2020 version of the LA Rams. After all, one of the key reasons for the USA Today folks not to like the Rams chances in 2020? The new logo. And opening the season at home against the favored 8-8 Dallas Cowboys? Even three road games on the east coast, where head coach Sean McVay has built an uncanny successful track record? And so it goes.

So there you have it. A projection of the NFL where the LA Rams are only better than the NY Giants, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cincinnati Bengals, NY Jets, Washington Redskins, and tied with the Miami Dolphins.

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So what must occur for this prediction to be correct? Well, we’ve struggled to come up with meaningful contributing factors. Ultimately, we believe we have 5 such events that will bring about such a calamitous season. So here they are: