LA Rams News: Cowboys practicing in their backyard this year

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LA Rams News: Dallas Cowboys won’t practice in Southern California this year

The LA Rams continue to navigate the sporadic rules and regulations regarding how, when, and where the team can resume normal off-season training activities. But while the Rams try to sort all of that out, they have one less thing to face this year. Well, the LA Rams will not be subjected to another summer training camp where the Texas-based Dallas Cowboys will have the opportunity to poach NFL fans by training in Southern California.

The Dallas Cowboys have trained at facilities at Oxnard, California to prepare for the NFL season since 2012.  The LA Rams have only returned to Los Angeles since 2016.  The LA Chargers returned to Los Angeles in 2017.  That has given the Dallas Cowboys a distinct advantage of siphoning off NFL fans from supporting local teams, while no such risk exists for them to share any fans from their locality.

Travel restricted training camps

The Chargers would be opening their training camp in Costa Mesa this Thursday, while the Rams would open their training camp Saturday at UC Irvine. However, the Dallas Cowboys will not be traveling to Oxnard California to open training camp this year, per the latest directive from the NFL.

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So the Dallas Cowboys will not be doing a goodwill tour in southern California? Here’s why that could make a difference this season.