Fox Sports Bayless refutes Donald’s ranking as tops in NFL

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LA Rams Aaron Donald
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Fox Sports Undisputed’s host Skip Bayless refutes Aaron Donald‘s ranking as the top player in the NFL today

The LA Rams have been getting almost no respect this year, save the respect that continues to pour upon LA Rams’ defensive lineman Aaron Donald. Now Fox Sports’ Undisputed host Skip Bayless, always taking an extreme and volatile opinion to national airwaves, is trying to dislodge that respect for Aaron Donald. Why?

Skip Bayless creates volatile debates to provoke people to give him views.  That’s his claim to fame. It’s all he’s ever done. He weighs in on any sports topic ripe with emotions. Not because he has added insight. And not because he has sage wisdom to share.  He has a knack for smelling emotional gasoline and has become very adept at being the first person to toss a match upon it. And now, he’s aiming his flaming arrow upon the LA Rams and one of the most humble, terrifyingly productive, and incredible locker room presences in the game in Aaron Donald.

Skip’s claims to nefarious fame

Skip has vented an argument about Aaron Donald’s top billing in the NFL by the age-old scarecrow tactic – steering the argument away from the personal accomplishments of Donald year in and year out and tried to make the argument about positional value.  Bayless is no novice to controversy, and he understands that trying to dispute Aaron Donald’s five-time All-Pro NFL designation in six seasons is futile.  So he doesn’t go there.

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Instead, he argues upon the NFL bias towards the quarterback. Then he creates trade scenarios where he puts Aaron Donald on the trade block for NFL quarterbacks and claims no team will make those trades. See for yourself.

Skip Bayless knows that he cannot possibly make the claim that LA Rams’ defensive lineman is not that valuable. But it grabs attention and headlines. So what is he truly up to?