3 LA Rams innovations from Coach McVay in 2020

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LA Rams 3 innovations to watch for from new coordinators

The LA Rams are in a process of tuning up the team after a disappointing 2019 season. With a 90-man roster in place, the next order of business will be setting up the Rams to win once more. That sounds easy enough, but it’s one of the most difficult things to do in any professional sport.

After all, success is not simply lining up and your best players and outperforming the best players of the opposing team. If it were that easy, the LA Rams would be on the path to long term dominance in the NFL.  But it’s not that simple.  The LA Rams’ own success becomes one of the challenges to continued success.

Just win, Baby!

Each win puts a game video footage up for other coaches to analyze and counter. Each highly productive player suddenly becomes a free agent target of other teams. Each position coach who gives your team a competitive advantage suddenly is named on a shortlist for promotion on another team.  The NFL system is designed to increase the gravity of high-flying teams to bring them back to the earth. Innovations are cloned, grafted, replicated, and duplicated until the competitive advantage becomes commonplace.

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NFL teams that disappoint simply reload each year. That reload doesn’t occur by assembling a new coaching staff. Rather, the bad teams eventually poach coaches from successful teams.  Good teams must then restock coaches and train them to perform to succeed. It may be a frustrating system, but it many ways it is an efficient way of redistributing coaching talent among all 32 NFL teams.