LA Rams coaches McVay, Staley, O’Connell are NFL’s newest 3 amigos

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Defensive debate

So too did the Rams need to offer up a greater role for McVay over the defense. While venerable defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was the perfect coach to augment McVay’s debut as the youngest head coach in the league, he is more aptly suited for greater control to set up the defense as he saw fit.

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While that perfectly suited the Rams in 2017 and 2018, when the offense dominated the NFL, it is not well suited when the Rams offense falls to the middle of the NFL rankings. And as NFL defenses have gotten the range of defensive success against McVay’s offense, future success can only be ensured by innovating and improvising on defense as well as offense going forward.

New coordinator for a new era

So the Rams changed the defensive coordinator, parting ways with one of the greatest but familiar defensive coaches in the NFL, and hired on someone who possesses a defensive drive similar to McVay’s offensive drive.  What will that mean for the Rams defense?

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Well if the McVay offense is any indication, it will mean unpredictability, innovation, and success. Will the defense run like a well-oiled machine? Don’t set the bar too high on that front.  The early part of the Rams season will be sporadic, as the team familiarizes itself with the new coaches, and the new coaches familiarize themselves with the team.