LA Rams coaches McVay, Staley, O’Connell are NFL’s newest 3 amigos

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LA Rams
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Three coaches, one goal

And so, LA Rams head coach Sean McVay has two coordinators who will not only be responsible for both LA Rams’ offense and defense but will also become counter-weights in the coaching room to ensure that McVay’s voice is not the only voice in the room. Earlier today, we pushed the concept out in an article that 2020 is perhaps the year that will truly define LA Rams’ head coach Sean McVay’s legacy in the NFL.   While that is yet to be determined, there is one hint of a positive outcome.  He did not attempt to do it alone.

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In fact, he enlisted the aid of two other coaches who are just as young, just as fresh, just and passionate, and have just as much riding on the success or failure of the Rams to determine their own place in the NFL history books. Their futures are interdependent now. One cannot succeed at the expense of the other two.  It’s all for one, and one for all.  Just like the 3 Muskateers, another example of the power of three.

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Learning from mistakes, together

The LA Rams will make mistakes in 2020. Perhaps more than we are comfortable admitting. But only foolish persons expect perfection. Even in the most optimistic scenarios, the LA Rams will likely win no more than 12 games in 2020. That means that this team will fall short in 25 percent of the games. Is a 75 percent success rate good enough? In the NFL, it most certainly is. And that is why wise coaches embrace the inevitable failures that they face. It affords an opportunity to learn and improve.

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In the end, this is not just about one coach, but about the entire coaching staff and their ability to overcome challenges thrown their way more successfully than the challenges facing other NFL coaches. They are more than three coaches, more than even three colleagues. They must find a way to forge a deep trust, respect, and friendship to carry them through the challenges of a long and incredibly difficult NFL season.  Sean McVay, Kevin O’Connell, and Brandon Staley entered 2020 as three NFL coaches. If they can find a way to emerge as three amigos, the LA Rams will know success for many years to come.