LA Rams: Who’s going to be the backup QB?

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Bring Back Blake Bortles

The next option would be a safe, conservative approach.  We didn’t get to see hardly anything from Blake Bortles last season (attempting only two passes, with one completion), but he knows Sean McVay’s offense and has a resume of winning games.  In fact, it was a bit of a surprise that he has not re-signed with the team as of yet.

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This is a guy who could come in the game, whatever the situation may be and put together an effective drive or two.  Even if Goff goes down for an extended period of time, McVay could find ways to salvage wins with Bortles at the helm. And with the current COVID-19 risks, he would be a wise insurance policy for the Rams this year.

Will Wolford Work?

What about John Wolford?  He played college ball at Wake Forest and the NY Jets signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2018.  He was signed by the Rams in April of 2019, after being released by the Jets practice squad.  In my opinion, he’s not a fit for our backup.  Right now, he remains an unproven guy who couldn’t make it past a practice squad. He certainly does not have my confidence to suitably fill the role of the  Rams backup quarterback this season.

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Particularly not with the chance to see regular-season snaps at any given moment.  Yes, I know he looked in 2019 preseason games. And yes, I understand he has the vocal support of the coaching staff. But how much of that support is the reality of no budget?  Is he good enough, or simply the only player the Rams believe that they can Unless he shines in the off-season, Wolford likely becomes the QB3, or gets the ax in favor of one of the rookie QBs we have.