With COVID-19 threat, LA Rams must sign free agency QB ASAP

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The case for Cam Newton

By this time, we should realize that the cost of Cam Newton should not be the issue. We’ve witnessed that many solid veteran quarterbacks have signed fire-sale deals to remain in the game. While some believe that Cam Newton will only start, and will demand a lot of money, things change.  Right now, the asking price of Newton is still significant, because he remains convinced that some NFL team will call to offer him a starting quarterback role.  That is not what the LA Rams will offer if or as they call.

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To the Rams, Newton is that pocket Ace, ready to jump in when the Rams need him to take over for an injured or unhealthy Jared Goff, and simply to win and keep winning until the Rams starter can take over. Will Newton bring controversy? Absolutely. He brings a dimension to the Rams not yet seen. He is as great of a threat to run the ball as to pass it. And that will immediately polarize the fanbase of any NFL team with a starting pocket passer. Fans love offensive weapons, and to spectators, they get two such weapons for the price of one with Newton.

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Newton brings wins, but at a price

Can the LA Rams win with Cam Newton under center? Absolutely! In fact, with the struggles of the LA Rams offensive line from 2019 potentially carrying over into 2020, he could be even more successful than any other quarterback on the market or roster right now. As the pocket breaks down, off goes Newton down the field. So defenses will measure their pass rush to contain Newton. That will give him more time to find receivers than stationary quarterbacks. And he remains a threat to lead any NFL team in rushing.

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But he is a different style of quarterback. He improvises, which creates nightmares for offensive linemen and for rigid offensive coaches. Quarterbacks who can threaten to run confuse the hell out of offensive linemen who attempt to protect their quarterback, but have no clue where that quarterback may set up during the play. That translates into sacks that should never occur, and desperate penalties to avoid sacks in the process. It also focuses the offense upon the quarterback, and less upon the play strategy. In the end, rather than Newton supporting the Rams offense, the Rams offense would eventually support Newton.