3 reasons why the LA Rams will not deal for Jets S Jamal Adams

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LA Rams Jamal Adams
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As Jets S Jamal Adams seeks to be traded, here are three reasons why the LA Rams won’t

The LA Rams are often linked to NFL players who are unhappy with their current team and are looking to be traded elsewhere and start over.  While the Rams have stepped up to engage in trade talks for those players in the past, much of that NFL commerce occurred between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the LA Rams.

More and more frequently, players are making public demands to be traded. Today, that player was a rather unhappy safety Jamal Adams. He wants a new long-term deal from the New York Jets, and that contract has not yet happened. So he is seeking to be traded to a team where a long term deal can take place.

Trade? Only if it works for both sides

A request to be traded can set the wheels in motion, but only if two teams agree to do so.

While the addition of any player with that much talent is a plus for any team, there are some player/team combinations that are immediate fits. There are some player/team combinations that will take work on both sides to accomplish a long-term relationship. Finally, there are those player/team combinations that descend from not-good all the way to toxic. Those are the types of combinations to avoid at all costs.

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Right now, a Jamal Adams to the LA Rams would, at best, be the type of relationship that would require a significant amount of work.  So what is it about the LA Rams and a high ceiling safety which is anything shy of an enthusiastic yes? Well, let’s discuss that.