3 reasons why the LA Rams will not deal for Jets S Jamal Adams

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LA Rams Jamal Adams
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No tradeable assets for Adams

The LA Rams are tapped out. While the New York Jets are salivating over the picks and players that will be placed gently at their feet for consideration to trade for their star safety Jamal Adams, the LA Rams truly cannot even offer a proper cover charge.

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The team had already cashed in two first-round picks plus a fourth-round pick to pry Jalen Ramsey away from the Jacksonville Jaguars. While that price tag for a single defensive back can be debated even today, the fact that trade like that has eliminated the Rams from serious consideration from the Adams bidding war cannot. The Rams spent their paycheck elsewhere.

Future defense on a payment plan

The Rams’ current defense is not what the defense will look like next year and even less resemblance to the defense three years from now. And to be honest, the personnel staff only have some basic guiding principles as to how to fill the defense roster today. It’s still under construction, built like you would build a jigsaw puzzle. Pick a piece, hold it up, see if it fits the overall picture. If it does? Keep it. If it doesn’t? Trade it back for a new piece.

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That process will claim all the available draft picks for the foreseeable future. As such, there likely is no room for shopping for tradeable players from other rosters, particularly with so little guidance to go by as to what the Rams truly need on defense. So the Rams will continue to add players little by little each year until defensive coordinator Brandon Staley’s defense is stocked with the right players.