5 LA Rams players who could be 2020 surprise starters

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These LA Rams 5 rookies could surprise with starting roles

The LA Rams do not have a friendly track record when it comes to rookies. Of course, the team has an excellent reputation for giving roster chances to any player on the roster who earns it, but when it comes to actually getting onto the field of play? The Rams prefer rookies to watch and learn. But 2020 is certainly unique, and meeting the needs of the team in this environment could take on a life of its own.

The LA Rams have three new decision-makers among the team’s coaching staff. While each as a new slant of what the team needs, they all report to the same head coach.  And that will also serve to synchronize all aspects of the team.  But this is a new dawning, a new chapter. The LA Rams have taken it up a notch, and that means a clean slate.

Help Wanted – Apply within

The Rams are coming off a 9-7 season. Typically, that means a team has a full starting cast assembled and spent the offseason spicing up the roster with niche players and rookies to develop for future roles. But this Rams team is not typical. In fact, for a 9-7 team that just missed the NFL playoffs, the Rams have made a few changes that truly opens the door for some new blood.

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Where the Rams were strong in 2019, they remain very strong.  The Rams continue to boast All-Pro Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey on defense, and 1000 yard receivers Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp on offense. But the Rams had some weaknesses in the roster in 2019 as well. And then the offseason happened, and some more weaknesses developed as well. So those become opportunities for new players to emerge in 2020. Who might those players be?