5 LA Rams players who could be 2020 surprise starters

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LA Rams 2020 NFL Draft Van Jefferson
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While Van Jefferson was a mildly surprising selection for the LA Rams, the evidence of his potential rising grows with each additional bit of information. Everyone I read discussed the likelihood for some solid players falling in the NFL Draft due to the unorthodox process, the inability to clear medical flags, and the lack of good analysis readily available. The more I research the LA Rams selection of Van Jefferson, the more convinced I am that he was a player who would have flirted with a first-round grade in a normal year.

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Raw talent is a dime a dozen out of college as a receiver. Run fast, catch the ball is pretty easy for 21-year-olds who had four years of collegiate coaching and strength training, versus some of the collegiate freshmen who are truly on the other side of physically maturing. While Van Jefferson’s 6-foot-1 200-pound is no skyscraper, particularly in NFL terms, he’s the type of receiver who makes defensive backs look foolish. You see, he runs crisp solid pass routes,

Deceptively fast, undeniably good

Jefferson was a wide receiver coming off an injury while the NFL Draft salivated over one of the best wide receiver classes in modern times. With so many receivers to cover, to headline, it’s no wonder that Jefferson was pushed to the back pages. Readers lose interest with stories that discuss rookie prospects loaded with “might” or “could” in the narrative. Fans want to be told just how great a rookie will play for their team.  So how good can Van Jefferson be?

LA Rams WR Van Jefferson holds 1K yard rookie potential. light. Trending

He’s so good that CBS SPORTS posted a YOUTUBE highlight reel of the player when the Rams selected him at 57. Everyone who had a voice in draft coverage loved the fit of Jefferson with the Rams. Now, I’ll go one step forward. I believe that Van Jefferson has a chance to earn the WR3 role for the Rams this year. He was compared numerous times to Washington’s rookie wide receiver Terry McLaurin. McLaurin went on to torch the NFL with over 900 yards and seven touchdowns from the combing passing of QBs Case Keenum and rookie Dwayne Haskins. Even buried on the Rams depth chart, Jefferson can replicate that performance if he gets playing time.  He’s too good to be on the bench folks.