5 LA Rams who could be demoted in 2020

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As the LA Rams prepare for 2020, these 5 starters could ultimately lose their starting roles

As the LA Rams prepare for the July 2020 training camp, the team is filled with questions that have no answers. Answers will come, but perhaps a bit more slowly than many fans wish. The questions about the team: How good will they be? Who will start? Who will make the roster? Who will be benched? Who will land on the practice squad?  All good questions indeed.

And the answers are as much about patience as an insight right now. There are many questions running through the minds of Rams fans right now. But this was all to be expected. The 2019  season was fraught with disasters, and the offseason moves have opened the door to more questions. Long time running back Todd Gurley was outright released.  Veteran wide receiver Brandin Cooks was traded away for cents on the dollar compared to the cost to obtain him.

Not your typical season

In most seasons, we’ve had a solid appetizer of rookie training camp, a sense of how the team pecking order will likely develop. Frequent accessibility to coaches, daily updates, and a host of other sources served to feed the curiosity of NFL fans all asking the same questions: How is my team looking so far?

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2020 arrived. And it brought COVID-19 issues along for the ride. As the norm became a memory, and a night out with friends became a virtual impossibility, information about NFL teams descended to prepared press conferences with limited information. Regular direct access with an entire team coaching staff fell to infrequently scheduled virtual conferences with the head coach or a positional coach.