5 LA Rams who could be demoted in 2020

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Sports Archaeology

But the thirst for information did not wane. In fact, curiosity intensified. New uncertainties about the NFL birthed even more questions. And in the absence of hard data, film footage, and direct contact, sports reporting has taken on a bit of sports archaeology.  What does that mean? Well, in archaeology, learning about past civilizations begins with digging. Carefully and meticulously.

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Clues must be painstakingly obtained with great patience. Entering the investigation with any sort of bias destroys the opportunity to learn what is truly going on. Facts must form the framework, the skeleton of any narrative that will be shared.  Speculation, experience, and logic fill in the cracks, and a story begins to develop out of the clues. That’s where we all find ourselves today.

Sport CSI

Or for those of a television mindset, think of it as the CSI version of sports reporting. Clues are scattered and hard to find. But once discovered, they tell the tale of what is happening, and by whom. Right now, facts are few and far between.

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Still, we know some facts. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  If a rookie is believed to win a starting role with the team, then a veteran will likewise be displaced. That veteran could be demoted due to a poor camp, poor game performance, or simply injury.  Whatever the reason, for a rookie to earn a starting role, a veteran must sit. So here are five players who could be surprising bench players at some point in 2020.