5 LA Rams who could be demoted in 2020

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LA Rams Josh Reynolds
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Wide Receiver III

Everyone has been waiting for LA Rams WR Josh Reynolds to finally get his chance at significant playing time. And for the start of the 2020 NFL season, that’s just what they’ll get.  But whether it will be the rapid improvement of rookie WR Van Jefferson or an early-season plateau for Reynolds, the Rams will eventually switch the depth chart to give more minutes to Jefferson.

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That is not to say that Reynolds will not get offensive snaps. He’s averaged 40 targets in the past three seasons and will do at least that many in 2020. But the LA Rams have many weapons on the offense, and the team knows that Reynolds’ contract expires at the end of 2020.  So the team can try to promote Reynolds in the offense, creating a free agent veteran who other teams will sign to a significant contract, and the Rams will be awarded a valuable compensatory 2022 compensatory draft pick in the following year.

Present or future

Or the Rams can let Reynolds fall in the depth chart, focus on improving Van Jefferson for the 2021 season, and live with the results. For now, that decision will likely be made on a week-to-week basis and will rely upon just how successful Reynolds is with his chances on the field. Should he falter, or Jefferson shine, a switch will take place.

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Reynolds is a very capable wide receiver and will do well in the NFL. But the LA Rams have very difficult choices to make in the offseason next year and will need to see how well Van Jefferson can handle the load at wide receiver in order to make the right call about offering a new contract to star wide receiver, Cooper Kupp. And while the Rams may or may not have the money to re-sign Kupp, Jefferson’s future with the team may depend on coming in at the right, less costly price, to re-sign for 2021.