LA Rams OL Jamil Demby’s battle for playing time

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LA Rams Jamil Demby
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From start to finish, in one game?

Jamil Demby’s versatility made him the first player off the bench whenever a teammate fell to injury. And multiple injuries occurred in 2019. That certainly complicated his role, and his performance, throughout the season.

Demby emergency OL service very busy in 2019

Demby also stepped in for Joseph Noteboom at left guard against the San Francisco 49ers. But the following week, he was back to the bench as the Rams tapped David Edwards to start at left guard. The reason he saw only flashes of playing time?  He did not play well enough with his opportunities. While he remains on the Rams roster, for now, this is clearly where his NFL career forks.

The Rams gave Jamil Demby enough exposure to each of five offensive line positions to create a player capable of suiting up and entering the game at any position. Not to start at any role, but simply to shore up the offensive line until a player could be prepared to take over in the following week. So it’s really not fair to hold the bar so high for the young man who was never designed to fill a starting role for the team.