LA Rams OL Jamil Demby’s battle for playing time

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LA Rams Jamil Demby
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All hope is not lost

Circumstances for 2019 were not exactly ideal for the Rams for any offensive lineman, and most certainly not for a generalist offensive lineman like Demby. He saw action at both left and right guard over the span of just several weeks.  That’s a whirlwind of assignments, and it was made no easier from the no-warning advance notice that he would be entering the game.

In short, he was the donut spare-tire for the Rams offensive line. Much like an emergency tire to get the car to the next service station in case of a flat, he was intended as an offensive line “patch kit”. A temporary player for all five positions, but not intended to be in any one role for any length of time. In the Rams design, he did everything that was asked of him. He gave the Rams exactly what they ex[ected. He was their emergency patch kit for the offensive line, no matter where an injury occurred. It should not be his responsibility to start at all five positions.  Nor was it his responsibility that the Rams injuries ran at almost every position on the offensive line.

Make a wish, birthday boy!

Today is Jamil Demby’s birthday, and he turns the ripe old age of 24. As the Rams try to retain order and progress in a season gone mad, Demby’s experience and training at all five NFL positions have never been more valuable or needed.

At age 24, his NFL career remains in his windshield, most of it lies in front of him. That future will not always be trying to maintain a starting proficiency for five different offensive line positions.