LA Rams: Ranking NFC West WRs for fantasy football draft

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LA Rams Deebo Sanuel
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Deebo Samuel might have a breakout season

The San Francisco 49ers have a great tight end in George Kittle. They have a very good running back in Raheem Mostert. There is a large void at the wide receiver position. In 2019, WR Deebo Samuel was the 49ers second-leading receiver behind Kittle. Samuel caught 57 of 81 passes for 802 yards with 3 touchdowns. Emanuel Sanders was third with 36 receptions but plays for New Orleans, now.

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In the 2020 NFL Draft, the Niners selected two wide receivers. They took Brandon Aiyuk in round 2 and Jauan Jennings in the seventh round. There is no doubt that Kittle is the top target in San Francisco. However, Samuel is poised to have a breakout year with the departure of Sanders.

Samuel was drafted in round 2 of the 2019 draft. He is a dual-threat type of receiver. Not only can he catch passes but he is able to run the ball effectively at opportune moments.

Deebo has a boo-boo

Last season, he ran the ball 14 times for 159 yards with three touchdowns. If you’re counting the points, he would have had 18 addition touchdown points plus bonus points for his running ability.

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Samuel is worth a middle-round selection to pad your fantasy roster. Time will tell if he emerges as the Niners’ next best option. Perhaps one of the rookies might take the league by storm. But his recent foot injury is worth monitoring. Keep in mind that when initial discussions mention when a player will be back, it’s often the very optimistic timeframe of when that player will be released for football activities. It’s weeks after that before a player will take the field for a game.

Here’s a look at the 3rd best WRs in the NFC West.