Tremayne Anchrum intangible factors vital for 2020 LA Rams.

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A decimated LA Rams offensive line is putting the pieces together in 2020. Tremayne Anchrum will be vital for the squad

As the LA Rams prepared for the 2020 NFL Draft, the consensus among fans was consistent. The LA Rams needed an offensive tackle to compete with left tackle Andrew Whitworth, a center who could start right out of the gates, and a versatile offensive lineman who could slide in and start at virtually any offensive line position at any time in 2020. And since the LA Rams possessed a limited number of picks, the conclusion was clear. Fans wanted the Rams to focus upon the offensive line in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The Rams delivered just one offensive lineman from the draft, with the 250th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft the LA Rams select offensive lineman Tremayne Anchrum from Clemson. The Eagles Wire from projected Anchrum as a day-two prospect, citing that he allowed the fewest amount of quarterback pressures in the ACC for the past two seasons.  They go on to share that he was the eighth-ranked offensive guard by ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. He was also on the Houston Texans radar, interviewing with Houston Texans John Harris during the Senior Bowl activities.

Tremayne Anchrum delivers an unexpected impression

The perception of fans when coming to the expectations of NFL offensive linemen is big powerful and very athletically oriented. That is not what you find when you encounter Anchrum. What you do find is someone who can discuss the fundamentals of virtually any football position, the history of the game, the factors of success, and the most vital keys to his success at his position.

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Behind that intelligence is a ferocity of a many who stands much taller inside than his 6-foot-2 frame, much stronger than his 314-pound weight.  He started at the right tackle spot for Clemson University because he was the best offensive lineman for that job. But he has the ability to slide to any offensive line position for the Rams in a pinch, and will likely do very well.

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Why is Anchrum so vital to Rams in 2020?

The LA Rams did not ignore team needs in the 2020 NFL Draft. Rather, the Rams did not have the right players available at their moments of draft selection. So the Rams chose players to help the team. It’s clear that if the Rams choices of Cam Akers, Van Jefferson, Terrell Lewis, and the others pan out, the LA Rams team will be much improved in 2020. Meanwhile, the Rams have given the offensive line a year of both Andrew Whitworth and Austin Blythe to figure things out.  Tremayne Anchrum is part of that figuring.

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Part of the NFL’s adaptations to the LA Rams is turning smaller and faster on the edge rushers and creating a rapidly collapsing pocket that simply does not give quarterbacks enough time. So the logical counter is to go smaller, stronger, and faster on the outside as well. While that may be the future strategy, for 2020, Anchrum is a fundamentally sound offensive lineman arriving from a successful program to a group whose morale is shaken. Fans expected an infusion of enthusiastic talent from college to swell the ranks at the offensive line position. Tremayne Anchrum is the lone rookie riding in to help the Rams in the trenches. But be patient. One man can make a huge difference in the NFL.  Tremayne Anchrum can be such a man.