NFL Power Rankings 2020 preseason: Where do LA Rams fall?

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It’s time to take a look at where the LA Rams currently stand in the latest NFL Power Rankings preseason 2020 edition

It’s time to look at the NFL 2020 season through the lens of the first preseason power ranking. Yes, that way too early view that assembles each of 32 NFL Teams from their 2019 finish, through their coaching changes, free agency transactions, 2020 NFL Draft, undrafted free agent signings, and overall outlook. And it’s even further complicated by the virtual off-season mandate of the NFL.

This is a season that is already shaken to its very core.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the risk of spreading COVID-19,  the NFL has imposed very strict restrictions which changed the way the entire NFL does business – both with veterans and the NFL Draft with rookies.  Simultaneously, the NFL landscape has changed permanently.

Ch ch ch changes, turn to face the strange

Long time New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has joined formerly retired teammate Rob Gronkowski with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Long time LA Rams star running back Todd Gurley is the newest member of the Atlanta Falcons, while teammate wide receiver Brandin Cooks has been traded to the Houston Texans.  He takes over for WR DeAndre Hopkins, who was himself traded to the Arizona Cardinals

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The NFL endured massive upheaval this offseason, which means that the first pass Ramblin Fan Power Rankings will certainly cause some debate. That’s the speculative nature of Pre-Season Power Rankings after all. And that’s exactly why we jump right in now. For free agency moves, we relied upon, and for the results of the 2020 NFL Draft, we employed the 2020 NFL Draft Tracker.  While we may not have cited all transactions, we did attempt to list those which had an impact on our ranking.