What happens if LA Rams players test positive during 2020 NFL season?

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Pro Athletes are not immune

It’s often assumed that the care professional athletes provide to themselves gives them an easier time when facing COVID-19 risks, but those are wrong assumptions.  Athletes are humans. Athletes have families, friends, neighbors.  Any contact with another human right now can transmit the very infectious disease from one person to another. When that happens to one, it can happen to others rather quickly.  It’s already occurring to NBA players now. It’s already happened to the LA Rams Brian Allen as well.

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NFL players, due to the nature of the game, are just as if not more susceptible. Once an athlete contracts the disease, they can infect others. So the spread of the disease from just one athlete can result in just one athlete contracting the disease, or many athletes contracting the disease.  Even the NFLPA does not know what the correct protocol will be if and when players test positive for COVID-19 during the season. Right now, the only defense people have is to restrict how quickly the coronavirus pandemic spreads.