LA Rams News: Who will lead the team in QB sacks?

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0 – 2 Sacks

If a team wants to create quarterback pressure, that pressure cannot be limited to several pass-rush specialists. A defense must be able to generate pressure upon the quarterback from unexpected players. Last season, the LA Rams generated from zero to two quarterback sacks from five separate players.

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That was not by accident. Four of the players were young players learning the ropes of life in the NFL trenches. Only cornerback Troy Hill had success blitzing successfully to get to the quarterback. Will the Rams throw more players at the quarterback this season? I suspect that will be the plan, as blitzes tend to throw off a quarterback’s rhythm.

DBS only?

While the first pass suggests that the Rams will have defensive backs in this category, are they the only players who will qualify?  After all, Taylor Rapp and John Johnson III could generate quarterback pressure. CB Troy Hill has gotten to the quarterback before, and will likely do so again. Both rookies Terrell Burgess and Jordan Fuller could get a quarterback or two in 2020.

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Of course, there is the rotating defensive linemen and linebackers who will get to the quarterback on occasion as well.  Backup NT Greg Gaines, OLB Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, ILB Clay Johnston, and ILB Kenny Young could all generate some pass rush in 2020.

Total Sacks from this group: 9