3 LBs from free agency to help LA Rams towards 2020 NFL Playoffs run

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LA Rams NFL Free Agency
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LA Rams can sign these 3 LBs from free agency for a 2020 NFL Playoffs run

We all know that the 2019 NFL season was anything but kind to the LA Rams.  In fact, it was almost as though the Rams were long overdue for bad luck.  So overdue, that practically every conceivable jinx affected the team.  Offensive linemen fell to injury over and over. Cornerbacks were injured.  Reserve players were promoted, but the team had to replace their rotational snaps on the roster.  All it all, it seemed like the Rams had to endure a worst-case scenario in 2019.

And yet, if the worst-case scenario for the LA Rams could drive the team no worse than 9-7, then how close are the Rams to a playoff invitation in 2020? That is where the debate begins. After all, once a team gets to post-season play, and gets hot, they can go a long way. Last year, it was the Tenessee Titans that suddenly played over their heads. Even so, it may catapult the Titans to the front of the contenders’ line to unseat the champion Kansas City Chiefs this year.

Linebacker, pew?

The Rams defense is looking pretty solid for the 2020 NFL season.  The Rams defensive backfield is loaded with talent, and the defensive line is even more dangerous than 2019.  The only “iffy” part of the LA Rams defense is the linebackers section.  After all, the Rams starting four linebackers from 2019 are gone. While the roster has some linebackers who did have some starts in a fill-in role and a player who did not start in 2019 due to injury, questions over the linebackers as a whole are numerous and logical.

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So what can be done for the Rams defense to address the numerous questions about the linebackers that are too many to discuss here? After all, the Rams signed one veteran outside linebacker in Leonard Floyd. The team then drafted two linebackers, one for the outside in Terrell Lewis, and one for the inside in Clay Johnston. That may be enough, and then again it may not be enough. If you were the LA Rams, would you be content to face a 2020 season with so many uncertainties, unknowns, and what-ifs haunting the team?