3 reasons why LA Rams Cooper Kupp challenges NFL’s top WR

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LA Rams Cooper Kupp
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3 reasons why LA Rams Cooper Kupp will challenge as NFL’s top WR in 2020

The LA Rams put up big numbers in the passing game in 2019. But if you followed headlines, more than half of casual or even semi-informed NFL fans believe that the Rams offense was bad, and void of true playmakers.  It does seem a little odd for an NFL team which finished 9-7, and was the best NFL team to miss the playoffs in 2019, would come up short on perceptions. But then again, it’s all a matter of trending.

The 2018 LA Rams offense dominated practically all of the NFL, coming up short just once in Super Bowl LIII.  Since the Rams were so good the previous season, all microscopes were trained upon what went wrong for the team in 2019, at the expense of all else. Wrong was a pretty robust topic for the Rams in 2019. In fact, since so many things went wrong throughout the season, the narrative never got around to what went right for the team. That left casually interested fans with the impression that little did go right.

Optical Illusion

That perception perpetuated this offseason to the point where we’ve taken up the yolk of calling out the bad takes. Still, those pessimistic projections of the LA Rams offense are frequent and widespread.  Like ants at a picnic, they just keep coming, popping up here and there. So a change of strategy is in order. Let’s focus upon what the Rams will do well in 2020.

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Kupp continues to get noticeably better with each passing season. But it’s a fact that escapes many sports analysts because he is a bit of an optical illusion.  After all, when he injured his ACL, the Rams competed in Super Bowl LIII. When he returned to the roster and had what should have been NFL Comeback Player of the Year, the team was less effective overall. So how can he challenge for the best wide receiver in the NFL? Well, we have three reasons: