3 reasons why LA Rams Cooper Kupp challenges NFL’s top WR

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LA Rams Cooper Kupp
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Reason 3: His 2019 production led the LA Rams

What was, is, and will be. That’s a simplified version of why wide receiver Cooper Kupp will challenge for the top-wide receiver in 2020. A more mathematical and scientific-based approach would engage regression analysis, plot data points, track slope, and extend the graph out into future time periods. But it requires neither physicist nor statistician to read the NFL statistics and see the trend is heading in the right direction.

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In just three seasons, he has jumped from rookie phenom to sure-handed veteran. That includes his injury-shortened second season when an ACL injury halted a very promising 2018 at the midpoint.  He returned in 2019, not just to where he left off, but to lead the team in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdown receptions. He was not the most targetted receiver in 2019, Robert Woods was targetted more. Nor was he the fastest wide receiver, everyone agreed that Brandin Cooks was much faster.

Production then and now

What Cooper Kupp was in 2019 was sure-handed and deceptively quick. Despite the Rams offense filled with dangerous weapons, Kupp found the way to make himself open when the Rams needed to move the chains, score a touchdown, and generate positive yardage on offense. Despite multiple gifted receivers, talented tight ends, and eager running backs, Kupp was the go-to-guy more often than not.

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With the Rams parting ways with both Brandin Cooks and RB Todd Gurley, you can bet that the team will be looking Kupp’s way more often than ever. At his current trend, he’s on track to play 900 offensive snaps, be targetted 160 times, catch 115 completions for 1,440 yards, and 14 touchdowns. Even at those lofty numbers, his yards per catch remain a realistic 12.52 yards/catch.