LA Rams News: Team faces unique challenges in training camp

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LA Rams News
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LA Rams organization, coaches, and players will face unique challenges in training camp

The LA Rams are making final preparations to hold their 2020 NFL Training Camp. While the fact that all 32 teams hold training camp each year is nothing new, the 2020 series of training camps will most certainly be unlike anything any NFL coach or player has ever experienced before. That’s saying quite a bit, as the NFL has faced lockouts and shortened seasons in the past.

But at no point in the history of the modern NFL has there been the requirement to remain six feet apart, wear masks, wash constantly, and undergo medical testing on a regular basis. Other Federal, state, municipal, and local regulations may apply as well.  All of which must not only be adhered to but must be woven into a training program with meaningful and measurable positive outcomes.

Happy new year, 2020!

Welcome to 2020, a year dominated by the arrival of a very infectious and dangerous coronavirus disease.  While many sports like tennis or golf have simple inconveniences, the sport of professional football faces a mountain range of challenges. To understand what some of those challenges may be, let’s turn to another professional sport, Major League Baseball, and examine their challenges so far:

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While football and baseball are significantly different, there are many similarities as well. And it’s those similarities which reveal NFL obstacles for training camp. Let’s break them down one at a time: