The LA Rams wisely passed twice on WR Denzel Mims

(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) *** Local Capture *** Denzel Mims
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) *** Local Capture *** Denzel Mims /
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LA Rams 2020 NFL Draft Denzel Mims
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Well played, LA Rams, well played

The story would have, could have, should have ended there. After all, an NFL hopeful rookie was selected to play for an NFL team. Now? It’s time to focus on football. But it hasn’t, thanks to the persistent comments by Mims about the Philadelphia Eagles. It began with a pre-drat interview. At that time, Mims was very much a prospect under consideration by several NFL teams.  But when he commented about being scared during his visit to Philadelphia and citing the fact that he had a bad experience during the visit, his chances of hearing his name called by the Eagles dropped significantly

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That was incredibly surprising because other predraft interviews claimed that the Eagles were in hot pursuit of the receiver.

Ultimately, it was a blip of an NFL storyline. A will-they or won’t they sort of pre-draft drama. It even had the makings of a player who would cite falling in the NFL draft as extra incentive to make 31 teams regret passing on him.

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It didn’t end there, but it should have

So when Denzel Mims was recorded as he played Call of Duty, he was prompted about his comments about being scared when he visited the city of Philadelphia.  And forgetting modern social media rule 101, he talked a little more openly than he needed to.

While he has the right to his opinion, the business of the NFL is to have enough maturity to keep all options on the table.  Here is a rookie who may have been conversing among friends, but those comments will always find their way to mainstream media. I believe it was just one of a myriad of comments we all make as a private jest. And many who read this article may agree with him.

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But from the outside, those comments reveal a bit of immaturity in a young man about to embark on a difficult path through an NFL career. I’m not a prude. I’m not trying to shame the young man for laughing and chuckling with friends playing an online game, making light of a bad experience. I’m simply saying that this is something the LA Rams are lucky for not having to deal with right now. I still think Denzel Mims is a very talented receiver. I just think he needs to mute his game microphone more frequently in the future. Right now, the Rams are focused on football.