LA Rams: 5 CB prospects to replace Jalen Ramsey in 2021

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Here are 5 2021 rookie CBs that the LA Rams could replace Jalen Ramsey with if he walks away in free agency

The LA Rams have a huge decision brewing in 2021. Actually, make those huge decisions, plural. They have big-name players and contributors positioned to become NFL free agents in March 2021.  Who will they try to re-sign and who will they allow to test the free-agent market?

Most of all, will the Rams have enough salary-cap space to pay all of their players with expired contracts? The list of outgoing free agents includes players like WR Cooper Kupp, DB Jalen Ramsey, S John Jonson, WR Josh Reynolds, OLB Leonard Floyd, RB Malcolm Brown, and OL Austin Blythe? The LA Rams are projected to have $42 million in salary-cap space by in 2021, but that presumes the salary cap remains at current projections. Ramsey has made it known that he wants to break the bank in his next deal.

Next Payday -2021

Last July, Ramsey arrived at the Jacksonville Jaguars training camp inside a mock armored car. He is quoted by Phil Mushnick of the

"…“Imma ask for so much money they have to put me on layaway,” declared the former full-scholarship Florida State student-athlete, …"

Is it possible that the LA Rams might trade Ramsey away to prevent an unsightly contract negotiation scene? He has stated in the past that both the Tennessee Titans and Las Vegas Raiders are preferred teams for his services. However, the Rams do not have unlimited supplies of cash and should allow him to walk if his price tag is too pricey.

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In doing so, the LA Rams would be awarded a compensatory draft pick if he signs with a new team, and the maximum round for that pick is capped as a pick at the end of the third-round in the 2022 NFL Draft. The Rams are expected to be awarded two compensatory picks in the 2021 NFL Draft for Dante Fowler and Corey Littleton signing elsewhere. Those picks will likely be one at the end of the third round, and another at the end of the fourth-round.  If the Rams are wise, they could use a 2021 draft pick to replace Ramsey.

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Here’s the first cornerback prospect to replace Ramsey.