Ranking LA Rams McVay among NFL head coaches (32-28)

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From the moment the LA Rams hired Sean McVay, they have been contenders. Where does he rank among the NFL 2020 head coaches?

LA Rams head coach Sean McVay needed just two seasons to progress from his Rams orientation package to preparing his team to compete in Super Bowl LIII. While that is incredibly impressive, it does open up some avenues for debate. And since we await NFL news and action, what’s a friendly debate among NFL Fans?

One area of endless debate each season is that of the NFL head coaches. While the position is most certainly the face of the franchise, even more so than the quarterback, it is also the position that either benefits or languishes from many factors that are completely out of the coach’s control. While that continues to be a valid argument, head coaches lose their jobs nevertheless. The NFL has five teams with new head coaches this season and with that comes a new coaching staff. Then there are teams that allow the head coach to remain while clearing their house of positional coaches. Those teams will be at a disadvantage in 2020 as well.

Head coaches depend on many contributors

But how would you rank head coaches heading into the 2020 NFL season? That is a good question. Some head coaches take over excellent rosters that remain healthy and do very little with it. Other coaches take an injured and battered roster and continue to win. Finally, some coaches win it all.

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In the end, NFL head coaches are motivators, planners, strategists, tacticians, mentors, problem solvers, and even disciplinarians. They are tasked with converting unrelated and unfamiliar players into a cohesive team, developing the talent on the field and among the coaching staff, and ultimately, winning football games. So who is the best NFL head coach? Let’s start at 32 and work our way up through 29 in this first installment. These first five are the new head coach hires for the 2020 NFL season. So we’ll examine them as a group first.