Ranking LA Rams McVay among NFL head coaches (32-28)

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30th -ranked Matt Rhule, Carolina Panthers

Head Coaching Record: __-__

Matt Rhule is the new head coach of the Carolina Panthers, hired on from the Baylor Bears. Rhule is the first head coach I believe has a strong chance to pleasantly surprise the NFL this season, and into the future. Of course, as with all rookie NFL head coaches, he’ll have a lengthy learning curve. But one of the promising strategies I’ve seen so far is his willingness to commit to the Panthers for the long haul, focusing on fundamental improvements rather than headliners and splashy moves.

What does that mean exactly? Well after moving on from long-time veteran quarterback Cam Newton and witnessing the retirement of longtime veteran linebacker Luke Kuechly, he has every excuse to blow up the entire team and start over. Keep in mind that the Carolina Panthers will face quarterbacks Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and now Tom Brady twice a year. So planning for a long-haul strategy is the wisest one.

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Sports Analytics is a go!

Matt Rhule has a solid background in turning around a football program objectively and systemically. He was the go-to guy from the Baylor Bears that moved that team from the shadows into the NCAA spotlight. In a similar fashion, this hiring move signals the Panthers embracing sports analytics tools, a wise move for a team that needs to rebuild from the ground up

With that heavy investment, the Panthers are clearly committing to the future. Despite committing significant dollars to sign veteran quarterback Teddy Bridgewater from the New Orleans Saints, the current 2020 culture proves he was wise to enlist a veteran quarterback to lead the offense his first season in the NFL. This is not about winning today, but rather about setting the team up to succeed tomorrow. Rhule is solid so far.