4 free agent offensive linemen to get LA Rams to NFL Playoffs

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LA Rams NFL Free Agents
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4 signable NFL free agents options to return LA Rams to NFL Playoffs

The LA Rams have been making decisions at the last possible moment in 2020.  The team cut running back Todd Gurley just as free agency was about to start. The team traded wide receiver Brandin Cooks just before the 2020 NFL Draft began. The team even announced restructuring the contracts of both Jared Goff and Rob Havenstein.

That announcement came long after that became the team’s only option to signing their free agents and draft picks.  All due to the fact that the team had a worst-case scenario occur in 2019 that dropped the team out of the playoffs. The offensive line suffered injuries to all five players, forcing four to the bench. Three defensive backs were swapped out mid-season.  And the team suffered 20 player injuries in 2019.

Getting hot at the right time

The worst-case scenario for the LA Rams could drive the team no worse than 9-7.  So how close are the Rams to a playoff invitation in 2020? Let’s start the discussion there..  After all, once a team gets to post-season play, and gets hot, they can go a long way.  Last year, it was the Tenessee Titans that suddenly played over their heads. That 2019 momentum may catapult the Titans to unseat the champion Kansas City Chiefs this year.

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So the question then becomes how to get hot at the right time.  Timing it right carries a team into the 2020 NFL playoffs on a winning streak.  That’s the same question coach, general managers, front office, and players ask each offseason. The answer for the LA Rams could rest in signing veterans to bolster the offensive line: