LA Rams News: Search high and low for these players

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LA Rams News NFL Scouting Combine

(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) *** Local Capture *** Les Snead

The LA Rams will search high and low for talent, as these players can attest to

The LA Rams will go to great lengths to find talented players. In each draft, or even after the draft, it always seems that a player or two hails from parts-unknown, a school or university that nobody had mentioned, that nobody had bothered to write a draft profile about. I like that aspect of the Rams organization, a team willing to go the extra distance to find talented players.

The strategy seems to work, as the team ultimately promotes several undrafted players to the active roster. The team not only finds players from Division 3 schools but even from our northern neighbor of Canada. Hopefully, the strategy will not change.

As teams integrate technology, a competitive edge will be tougher to come by. Meanwhile, the advance of technology places solid-state technology into the palms of anyone with a smartphone.  Films and information about college football players are just that easy to get now. Instead of too little to work with, NFL scouting departments face too much to work with.

I was reminded of this characteristic about the team when I ran across a recent article by Damond Talbot indicated that the Rams had added two players to their roster from unlikely locations. Who are they? Let’s talk about them, shall we?

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