Ranking Rams McVay among NFL head coaches (27-21)

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LA Rams Sean McVay
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While LA Rams head coach has only known winning seasons, many coaches struggle to finish over .500. Where does Sean McVay rank among NFL head coaches?

LA Rams head coach Sean McVay has coached the team to a winning record in each of his three NFL seasons as head coach. But is it real, or did he simply rest on the shoulders of NFL great coordinators Wade Phillips and John Fassel? We’ll know the answer soon enough. But while we await the start of the NFL season to determine how much of the LA Rams success McVay is responsible for, we can ponder how McVay ranks among his peers.

One area of endless debate each season is which team’s head coach is among the top NFL head coaches for that season. After all, the simplest and most inaccurate way is to add up wins and losses at the end of the season. But that would be incredibly inaccurate, as it fails to consider how much the team has improved over the previous season. But that is inaccurate as well because the roster is impacted by free agency and the NFL Draft, so a coach can only win with the players he has on the roster. So that seems to put a wrinkle into the ranking process.

So how would you rank head coaches heading into the 2020 NFL season? That is a good question. Some head coaches take over excellent rosters that remain healthy and do very little with it. Other coaches take an injured and battered roster and continue to win. Finally, some coaches win it all.

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In the end, NFL head coaches are motivators, planners, strategists, tacticians, mentors, problem solvers, and even disciplinarians. They are tasked with converting unrelated and unfamiliar players into a cohesive team, developing the talent on the field and among the coaching staff, and ultimately, winning football games. So who is the best NFL head coach? We have already covered head coaches ranked 32 through 28 previously. So let’s move on from there, and cover and work our way up