LA Rams News: 5 Jersey swaps we won’t see in 2020

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Week One – all Dallas Cowboys players swapping with Aaron Donald

NFL Fans acknowledge that All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald is one of the best players in the modern NFL. We also know that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones loves to make a splash move. And unless you have abandoned all technology, you know that as soon as a marquis NFL player has any whispers or rumors of moving on, the universe of social media directs them to the Dallas Cowboys.

But it’s a clever strategy. As long as the media and fans point players towards the Dallas Cowboys, the Cowboys retain the unofficial rights of first refusal. And that’s something that is not that difficult to sustain. The process simply needs to be that casual mention at awards banquets, off-season rumors linking the player to the team, or simply an innocent post-game jersey swap between players with the “would love to see you in our jersey” comment.

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Whose jersey would it have been?

So now that the post-game ceremony won’t happen in 2020. I am disappointed that we won’t know which Dallas Cowboy player would trade jerseys with LA Rams Aaron Donald. Who would be worthy of the exchange? That’s where the entertainment factor would be.  After all, it would be a curious matter to witness who Aaron Donald would even be willing to trade with.

Perhaps it would be former teammate Greg Zuerlein? Perhaps Ezekiel Elliott? There are many players on the Dallas Cowboys who would be worth entering into the competition. Perhaps it will depend upon which Cowboys’ player has the best performance in the road opener?