LA Rams News: NFL Rumors indicate no preseason games in 2020

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LA Rams News: Adam Schefter reports from NFL sources that no preseason games will be played in 2020

In the latest LA Rams News: Rumors are surfacing now that the NFL will not play any preseason games. That information appeared on Adam Shefter’s twitter account at 4:16 pm PT. This has been a difficult sticking point so far, as the NFLPA was adamant that preseason games were no longer possible given the state of COVID-19 restrictions. Preseason games add to the coffers of the NFL overall, and in doing so add to the following year’s salary cap calculation. But the Players’ Association argued that the risks of preseason games were too great to players, considering there is no direct compensation for participating.

While that news will be warmly received by many NFL players, it creates even smaller odds for making the team for rookies signed after the 2020 NFL Draft. While preseason is mainly a revenue exhibition, there is some positive effect for the team and players.  Players benefit from a dress rehearsal of plays, familiarize themselves with new teammates, and get a sneak preview of NFL game speed and intensity.

Bad luck for UDFAs

NFL coaches benefit from reviewing players in NFL game scenarios first hand.  Of course, the greatest benefactors are the players chosen after the NFL Draft vying for the 40th-53rd roster spots. They will not have an opportunity to perform in that game scenario. While that will be one more incredible hurdle, there are other reasons why this will hurt their chances. It also hurts their chances to be signed by other teams that might be in the market to upgrade over their existing roster for the final 53-man roster. After all, players are auditioning for all 32 teams in the preseason, not just for their team.

While no official action has been taken, this will almost certainly take place. Players have lobbied against preseason games this year. Now with the offer on the table, the NFLPA will most likely accept the stipulation.  Meanwhile, there is robust speculation that this will create pressure for a larger than normal roster for teams this season. Some propose that teams will relax their 53-man roster, or simply expand the practice squad and enact more ways for teams to comingle the two rosters through the season.

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This was a major hurdle, and the two sides appear to be moving rapidly closer to agreeing to terms for the 2020 NFL season. Both sides are agreeing rapidly to new terms. The 2020 NFL season appears to be back on track.